Diet for glowing skin

NUTS: Nuts, in general, are very nutritious, providing protein and many essential vitamins such as B and E and minerals like potassium, selenium and magnesium. They also contain omega 3 fatty acids which are vital for the skin and hair and will give that extra glow to your skin, so make them a part of your daily diet and pop in 15 almonds or 10 walnuts daily.

FLAXSEED: The high content of omega 3 fatty acid has made this ancient flaxseed become our modern miracle food. To prevent skin from looking tired and saggy take a tablespoon of flaxseeds daily.

GREEN TEA: Green tea contains a compound known as Flavonoids which is excellent for the skin as it reduces inflammation and keeps skin smooth and blemish-free. Start having green tea regularly, at least two weeks before your wedding.

LEMON: Have lemon juice with one teaspoon honey in one glass of warm water every day. It acts as a skin cleanser, and due to the presence of astringent properties, removes acne scars and improves the skin tone, making it glow.

RAINBOW DIET: Incorporate colours in your diet by opting for different coloured fruits and veggies. Be it rich, red tomatoes, lush green leafy veggies, crunchy orange carrots, citrusy oranges, or blood-red pomegranates. It gives you all the antioxidants and flavanoids required for that glowing complexion. While carrots are an excellent source of vitamin A, an essential nutrient for healthy skin, they also contain high levels of antioxidants, which prevent the damage done to skin by free radicals. Rich in Vitamin C, oranges improve skin texture, while pomegranates help prevent acne by eliminating the root causes, through improving your digestive problems and blood circulation. You can even apply pomegranate juice on acne-affected skin to remove scars.

STAY HYDRATED: The key to healthy living is to clean the system of all the toxins which are produced daily in our body due to the pollution and stress. Take plenty of water or fluids which will help wash the toxins from the body, giving that extra glow to your skin. At least two litres per day is mandatory. Include coconut water, fresh lime water, lassi and soups as well as detox drinks like orange -ginger-mint tango, fruit vegetable sherbet, apple and tomato mocktail in your diet. Avoid aerated drinks as they dehydrate the system.